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EU-LAC Project

South-South migration network

The Regional Office’s Regional Implementation Unit (RIU) coordinates and manages EU-funded IOM projects and programmes which have a multiregional dimension. In particular, RIU focuses on projects which are implemented across the European Union Member States and provides inputs into European Union policy-making on migration. This includes programmes which promote inter-regional dialogue between the European Union and external stakeholders.

RIU implements activities in cooperation with IOM Headquarters in Geneva and a large number of IOM field offices, European Union institutions, International Organizations, EU Member States, business partners and more. The Unit also facilitates the development of projects and initiatives which may complement and provide evidence-based input for policy discussions at EU level.

RIU is currently carrying out the following projects financed by the European Union:

Structured and Comprehensive EU-CELAC Dialogue on Migration (EU-LAC Project):  "Strengthening the dialogue and cooperation between the EU and LAC (Latin America & the Carribbean) to establish management models on migration and development policies". The project, begun in January 2011, is a joint initiative between the European Commission and IOM / FIIAAP that strives to provide concrete support to the development of the EU-LAC Structured and Comprehensive Dialogue on Migration launched in June 2009. More information HERE

Supporting the ACP-EU Dialogue and Cooperation on Migration and Development (ACP-EU Migration Action): Launched in July 2014 for a 42 month period, the IOM implemented ACP-EU Migration Action aims to support the ACP-EU Dialogue on Migration through the provision of demand-driven technical assistance, support to local non-state actors and collection and dissemination of information.  Its activities are open to the 79 ACP countries based on the requests for support from governments and regional organizations. More information HERE

RIU recently completed the following projects financed by the European Union:

The LINET:  the Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts (LINET) provided the European Commission with expert analysis and advice on economic migration and labour market integration of non-EU nationals from 2008 - 2013. The network, united academics and professionals from all European Union Member States as well as Croatia, Norway, Turkey, Canada, Australia and the United States, developed stakeholders conferences and produced in-depth studies with a focus on economic migration and the labour market integration of migrants.

The LMIS Project:  Best practices on collecting and sharing Labour Migration Data for the improvement of the Labour Market Information Systems.  Funded by the EU and other donors and begun in January 2010, the LMIS project has contributed to improving the capacities of six selected countries in Maghreb, Latin America and Western Africa to collect and share labour migration information and feed it into the labour migration policy process.