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IOM Calls for a Coordinated Response to “Unravelling” Libya, Danger to Thousands of Stranded Migrants

16 Feb 2015 - As violence escalates in Libya, IOM is calling on world governments to act swiftly to face the growing threat to migrants. Over 1,600 have been rescued from unseaworthy boats on the Mediterranean Sea since Friday (13/2). “This is a clear signal that the situation in Libya is unravelling. We also know this from the fact that Italy and several other nations have already evacuated their citizens from the country,” IOM Director General William Lacy Swing said on Monday (16/2). “We must stand ready to assist thousands of extremely vulnerable people who need our help,” he added. IOM pointed to the rescue since Friday of over 1,600 migrants from multiple vessels. This took place just days after some 330 adults and children were reported lost, presumed drowned, the previous weekend.  Read More>>