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Questionnaire on Mandatory Requirements for Local Recruitment in Brussels, Belgium

VN 2017– 33, Project Finance Analyst Assistant, G5


Do you have a:

  • Completed Batchelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution, preferably in Accounting or Business Administration, or alternatively, an equivalent combination of relevant training and experience in accounting or finance                                                                                                                                           yes    no


Do you have:

  • Fluency in English?                                                                                                         yes    no

Professional Work Experience

Do you have:

  • Five years of experience in financial management, accounting and budgeting?             yes    no
  • Relevant internship with IOM?                                                                                                 yes    no

Do you currently work with IOM?                                                                                                yes    no

For non-EU citizens only

Are you currently holding a valid residence and work permit

for Belgium?                                                                                                                                    yes    no





Please note:

Failure to complete the questionnaire might result in the disqualification from the selection process.