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 IOM Assistance to Victims of Trafficking in the EU, Norway & Switzerland

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In line with IOM’s global strategic priorities and policies, RO Brussels provides project development and implementation support to IOM’s country offices in the area Counter-trafficking of Human Beings (THB). In addition, significant efforts are put into working with other key actors at European level to discuss and find streamlined, innovative and evidence-based responses to challenges related to this important area at a regional level.

The main objective of IOM’s actions in the field of THB is to protect and assist vulnerable migrants who have been trafficked, exploited or abused, to prevent such abuses from occurring, and to encourage the prosecution of those who perpetrate these crimes.

Traditional activities in this area include the following: direct assistance to victims of trafficking and exploited migrants including AVRR, quantitative and qualitative research, capacity-building of relevant stakeholders and prevention of THB and the exploitation and abuse of migrants through information, education, and communication strategies, empowering vulnerable populations in their migration projects and strategies to encourage consumers to confirm for themselves that products or services that they purchase or use are not the result of migrant exploitation.



Regional Overview of IOM assistance to victims of trafficking for 2015

In 2015, IOM provided assistance to 417 victims of trafficking (VoTs) across 17 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland. This is a steep increase from the 252 victims assisted across 16 EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland in 2014.

All 417 victims were assisted in a European country where they were exploited / identified as VoTs. Victim profiles including gender and age, country of origin, types of exploitation, and recruitment methods are all captured in this briefing.   >> Read More <<



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