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LINET, the Independent Network of Labour Migration and Integration Experts was created by IOM Brussels in 2009 to provide the European Commission with expert analysis and advice on economic migration and labour market integration of non-EU nationals. The network unites academics and professionals from 27 Member States of the European Union, Croatia, Norway and Turkey, and aims to support the European Commission in evidence-based decision-making and mainstreaming issues of labour market integration of migrants in achieving Europe 2020 goals.

More specifically, the network produces detailed studies with a focus on economic migration and the labour market integration of migrants, including an analysis of recent trends, country case studies of selected EU Member States, Canada, Australia and the United States, and relevant policy recommendations. LINET further organises EU-level conferences in Brussels with the purpose of presenting and discussing the main findings of the network studies among a broad range of stakeholders from EU Member State governments, EU institutions, business, international organisations, think tanks and academia as well as civil society representatives.

All studies are carried out in English, and their executive summaries are translated into the national languages of all LINET countries.

Studies and seminar materials are available for free download at the LINET website.

Check out our latest studies on Labour Shortages and Migration and Less-Skilled Migration, as well as the forthcoming papers on Access to Labour Market Information (executive summary) and Recognition of Qualifications of Migrants (executive summary).