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IOM's efforts in the area of migration and development in the EU/EEA region focus mainly on supporting qualified Diaspora engagement in the countries of destination to support development of their respective countries of origin through skills and knowledge transfer.

IOM RO Brussels works to highlight the close positive correlation between integration success in countries of destination and the capacity of migrants to significantly contribute to the development of a country of origin, thereby ensuring strong links between programming in these service areas.

RO Brussels is also active in capacity-building on migration and development for various actors, and facilitating knowledge and practice-exchange networks. An example of this work is the innovative inter-agency EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) programme implemented by the UN Development Programme in Brussels in partnership with the EU, IOM, UNHCR, the UN Population Fund and the International Labour Organization. The JMDI reflects the acceptance of and growing interest in the strong links between Migration and Development (M&D) and aims to support civil society organizations and local authorities in countries of origin, transit and destination to effectively harness the potential of migration for development.

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EC-UN Joint Migration and Development Initiative


Migration Central to the Debates at this Year's European Development Days 2017 / #EDD17

05 June 2017-- IOM Special Advisor to the Director General, Gervais Appave, and Regional Director Eugenio Ambrosi led IOM’s extensive participation at this year’s EU flagship development event, the “European Development Days” (EDD) 2017 held at the Tour & Taxis in Brussels from 06-07 June.

Mr. Appave participated Thursday (07/6) morning in the high-level panel tackling to issues of development funding and the root causes of migration. The high level panel will headline a series of debates and workshops with IOM involvement at the EDD drawing attention to the role of migration in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On Wednesday (06/6) morning Mr. Ambrosi participated in a debate lab organized by IOM on the development potential of legal migration and mobility between the EU and Africa: "Maximising the development potential of legal migration and mobility".

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the UN Stand, IOM & migration panels, labs and interviews:

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Migration and forced displacement in the debate at European Development Days 2016

IOM DDG Laura Thompson at EDD2015 Photo credit: EUAddressing migration's potential in supporting the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

15-16 June 2016 – IOM Deputy Director General Laura Thompson took part on Wednesday (15/06) in a high-level panel on migration and forced displacement at the two-day “European Development Days” (EDD) event in Brussels.

The panel headlined a series of debates and workshops with IOM involvement at the EDD drawing attention to the role of migration in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as an essential and  positive force.  

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IOM Highlights Migration, Development & Environment at European Development Days 2015

04 June 2015 -- IOM Deputy Director General Laura Thompson took part in a high level panel: “Migration is Development: Making Migration a Driver for Development” at the two-day 9th annual “European Development Days” (EDD) event in Brussels.  “We need to reflect broadly on migration’s impact on ideas, knowledge, attitudes, behaviours and identities for social and human development,” she noted.  Read More at IOM>>   For more information, photos, videos and quotes from the panel discussion, please see LINK.

IOM also showcased the links between migration and environmental change by presenting the preliminary findings of its EU-funded “MECLEP” research project at an interactive debate lab co-organized with the European Commission’s DG Decvo called "Migration, Environment and Climate Change: Evidence for Policymaking."  For more information about the debate lab, please see LINK.


South South Migration Network

South-South migration network: A knowledge hub on South-South migration

In line with the recommendations from international fora such as the Global Forum on Migration and Development and the UN High Level on Migration and Development, the South-South migration network aims to build bridges among researchers, practitioners and policymakers interested in the multiple aspects of South-South mobility.

The network functions as a virtual platform for the exchange of information and knowledge on South-South migration by recording and disseminating information, publications, news, events and conferences. It is meant to serve as a hub to connect people, institutions and knowledge on South-South migration and promote dialogue among experts.

Up-and-coming topics such as environmentally-induced migration and social and cultural transfers will be given special attention to keep the network abreast of the latest developments in the migration and development arena. The promotion of evidence-based initiatives and improved research and data management also remain at the core of the South-South migration network.

As the leading institution on migration and member of the South-South migration network, IOM will host and facilitate the network’s main web interface here on the IOM EEA Regional website. Exchange of information will also be promoted through social network platforms.

The South-South Migration Network builds on the expertise developed by the ACP Observatory on Migration and the network that it promoted.

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