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EU-LAC Study

 Rutas y dinámicas migratorias entre los países de América Latina y el Caribe (ALC), y entre ALC y la Unión Europea

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The EU-LAC (Latin America and the Caribbean) project is a joint initiative of the European Commission and IOM / FIIAPP (International Organization for Migration / Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas).

The project is entirely funded by the EU, with a budget of €3 million EUR and a duration of 3 years (starting in January 2011).

The EU-LAC project's overall aim is to provide concrete support to the development of the EU-LAC Structured and Comprehensive Dialogue on Migration launched in June 2009.  As such, the project has a double objective: one, to reinforce the political dialogue in the LAC and the EU regions; and two, to support the strengthening of the regional and national capacities of the LAC countries.

The project has the following three components:

  • Component 1: strengthen the capacities of LAC countries with regards to data collection, processing and sharing on migration information. Implemented by IOM.
  • Component 2: capacity building for an effective management of migration throughout the implementation of reintegration policies for those willing to voluntary return to the countries of origin. Implemented by FIIAPP.
  • Component 3: Facilitating the investment of remittances. Jointly implemented by IOM and FIIAPP.

For more information, please visit the EU-LAC Website