Community-led Outreach on Safe Migration

The Support Action Community-led Outreach on Safe Migration in 12 districts of Bangladesh sought to build awareness around key themes on safe migration:

  • The resilience and success of regular Bangladeshi migrants;
  • The risks of, and alternatives to, irregular migration to Europe;
  • Regular mechanisms for migration.

IOM conducted a Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Towards Safe Migration assessment to guide the messaging of the campaign. A series of videos, interactive theatre shows and pot songs, have been developed through a community-led consultative process, to help protect Bangladeshi migrant workers from human trafficking and exploitation.

The project was co-funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.


Returnee Case Management System

This Support Action will develop the Returnee Case Management System to support the implementation of the Standard Operating Procedures for the identification and return of Bangladeshi migrants from EU Member States. It will contribute to improved management of the return process of Bangladeshi migrants residing in EU Member States, with greater transparency and accountability.
IOM will:

  • Lead the development of the Returnee Case Management System (RCMS) and build the capacity to manage and operate it. This will ease the workflow of requests and verification activities between EU Member States and the Government of Bangladesh, based on modern and secure biometric databases;
  • Roll out the RCMS in two phases. First, a pilot phase with selected EU Member States for feedback. Subsequently, the RCMS will be made available to all EU Member States;
  • Build capacity of officials of the Government of Bangladesh to uphold the human rights of the migrants and returnees and formulate better policies on the return process.