In Pakistan, the EURCAP Facility aims to improve the readmission process by developing an electronic readmission case management system (RCMS) and building capacity of all stakeholders, within the framework of the EU-Pakistan Readmission Agreement. The RCMS digitalizes the flow of information, increases the capacity in managing the volume of readmission applications within the agreed timelines, and improves the transparency and accountability of the procedure.

The platform has been developed for nine months by the Pakistan National Database and Registration Authority with the guidance of a Georgian expert, following as a benchmark the design of a platform developed by IOM for Georgia that has been singled out by DG Home as a model. Belgium, Germany, Greece and France were the pilot EU Member States for testing the Pakistani platform.

Alongside the system development, IOM carried out capacity building activities for the stakeholders to familiarize and use the system:

  • A study-visit to Georgia to introduce officials of the Government of Pakistan to the model readmission case management system set up in Georgia;
  • Two mentorship workshops in Islamabad and Lahore to introduce staff of national agencies of Pakistan to the system;
  • A workshop in Brussels to wrap up the testing phase and plan the full roll-out of the system.

The project was co-funded by the Government of Denmark.

The second Support Action was approved by DG HOME in November and will allow for the RCMS to be rolled out to remaining Member States.