Assistance to Vulnerable Migrants

IOM provides protection and assistance measures for all migrants vulnerable to violence, exploitation, abuse and/or violation(s) of their rights. We implement programmes and support policies that address the protection and assistance needs of individual migrants in vulnerable situations and migrants in large scale or mixed migration flows.

We recognize that vulnerability and resilience of individual migrants, migration-affected households, communities and groups, stem from various factors at the individual, household, community and/or structural level. We also work mindful that sudden or unforeseen changes in circumstances at any of these levels can have a significant impact on the vulnerability of a person or a group.

Based on IOM longstanding operational experience, the Organization has developed a "Determinants of Migrant Vulnerability Framework. The Framework assists IOM staff and practitioners worldwide in better identifying migrant vulnerabilities and providing more comprehensive and sustainable protection. It is a practical tool to analyse vulnerability on a scale based on the interaction between risk and protective factors at the different levels (individual, household, community and structural levels).

To achieve this mission, we engage in:

  • Policy and technical guidance
  • Capacity building and training
  • Research
  • Prevention activities
  • Protection and direct assistance