Dominik ZENNER

Senior Migration Health Advisor

Dominik is responsible for the development, coordination and supervision of migration health program activities, strategies and priority setting in coordination with national, regional and international partners, agencies and organizations.

Prior to joining the IOM Regional Office in Brussels, he worked as consultant epidemiologist and head of Tuberculosis screening in the national TB section in Public Health England, UK. He helped develop and implement the TB strategy for England, including leading the roll out of the national latent TB screening programme, the health aspects of the UK refugee programme and the UK pre-entry TB screening programme. Dominik has a demonstrated academic and strategic interest in infectious disease epidemiology and migration health, including several high impact publications and prizes. His work has informed national and international policy, including ECDC and WHO guidelines.

Dominik holds an MA in International Relations and Development Studies, an MSc in Public Health, a State Exam and Doctorate in Medicine and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public Health. He is dually specialized as General Practitioner and Public Health Physician.


+32 (0)2 287 7000