We advocate for a conducive, cross-sector policy and legal framework and we assist EU Member States to develop policies promoting the health of migrants at a national and regional levels.

Migration and intra-EU mobility remains a key topic in public and political debates across Europe focusing on economic immigration, irregular migrants and the integration of newcomers. Many migrants are not fully integrated, some not at all, and undocumented migrants are often unknown to any governmental and/or public registry as well as social welfare systems, including health services.

Migrants often face poverty, socio-cultural exclusion and various forms of discrimination both in transit and destination countries. This can negatively influence not only migrants’ quality of life but also on the health of host communities.

As recognized by the 61st World Health Assembly, migrant health policies need to be multi-sectoral in scope – taking into account the social, economic, cultural and migratory determinants of migrants’ health – while staying mindful of the role of health in promoting social inclusion.