Health is a major issue in the migration process: many migrants lack the access to adequate, equitable health services and financial protection.

To protect and improve migrants’ conditions, IOM is increasing the efforts to monitor migrants and refugees’ health and needs throughout the whole migration process, including also a long-term perspective to assess health effects that go beyond the first generation.

The collection and monitoring of migration health, taking into consideration the social and economic risk factors, health promotion and prevention activities, can improve understanding how health is affected in this population groups and provide global information to better support and improve programme and policy design at national and international levels.

We work together with key stakeholders to:

  • Strengthen the knowledge on migrants’ health by developing tools supporting the appropriate disaggregation and analysis of migrant health information and continuity of care; and
  • Increase understanding of trends by collecting and disseminating data to ensure evidence-based decision-making and feed the monitoring of policies and programmes.