Activities at Points of Entry in the Context of COVID-19

. IOM’s approach to PoE programming is supported by the Organization’s Health, Border and Mobility Management Framework (HBMM). HBMM is a conceptual and operational framework with the goal of improving prevention, detection and response to the spread of diseases along the mobility continuum (at points and communities of origin, transit, destination and return.


IOM’s work at PoE continues to expand, and is one of the main pillars under IOM’s COVID-19 Global Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan (2020). PoE are a key intervention space within the mobility continuum, highlighted as one component of a comprehensive immigration, border management and health response to promote safe cross-border mobility in the IOM Director General’s Priority Policy Paper on Cross-Border Human Mobility Amid and After COVID-19. The paper notes that the dramatic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have further embedded public health concerns in questions of migration and mobility at large, revealing the critical need to rethink related policies and practices.


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IOM RO Brussels