Integration that Values Diversity – Exploring a Model for Current Migration Dynamics

This paper is part of the IOM Migration Research Leaders Syndicate’s contribution toward the Global Compact for Migration. It is one of 26 papers that make up a consolidated Syndicate publication, which focuses on proposing ways to address complex and pressing issues in contemporary international migration. The Migration Research Leaders Syndicate, convened as part of IOM’s efforts to extend policy and technical expertise in support of the Global Compact for Migration, comprises senior researchers from diverse geographic, disciplinary and thematic backgrounds. The Syndicate provides a channel for leading experts in migration to propose ideas to meet the ambitious goals outlined in the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants of September 2016.

In technical papers such as this one, Syndicate members were invited to identify and propose ways to resolve key conundrums currently posing challenges to international migration governance. To hone their proposals, they benefited from the input of advisors with experience in bridging policy and research, whether as senior non-migration scholars, former policy makers or prominent practitioners. The papers are short and crisp contributions that provide evidence-based, innovative ideas to improve international cooperation on fostering safe, orderly and regular migration.

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