IOM Resettlement 2018

During 2017, IOM supported 42 countries to conduct resettlement, relocation and humanitarian admissions for 137,839 refugees and other vulnerable persons, with significant operations out of Afghanistan, Jordan, Greece, Italy, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Ethiopia, the United Republic of Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Nepal. Of the above-mentioned figures, 23,224 persons in need of international protection were relocated to 24 different European countries, of which 8,794 persons departed from Italy, and 14,430 persons departed from Greece in 2017. Moreover, the Emerging Resettlement Countries Joint Support Mechanism (ERCM) helped strengthen resettlement to South America. During 2017, a total of 102 Syrian refugees were resettled to Chile (66 persons) and Argentina (36 persons) through the ERCM.

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