IOM Resettlement Support in 2020

For 70 years, IOM has played a vital role in resettlement, providing a range of supporting activities upon request of the receiving states and to ensure the transfer of its beneficiaries in conditions of safety and dignity. These include support to case processing, premigration health activities, movement management, and pre-departure and post-arrival integration support. IOM works closely with governments and UNHCR, as well as other partners such as EASO and NGOs to help persons in need of international protection. While 2019 represented a record year in terms of beneficiaries resettled to the EEA, 2020 was heavily impacted by COVID-19, and only 11.266 beneficiaries resettled to 18 EEA countries.

Throughout the year, IOM continued to support refugees and the use of resettlement as a critical protection measure, in liaison with donors and partners, and adopted a range of measures to minimize the risk of transmission during movements and in pre-departure activities. IOM also assisted over 1300 refugees to reunite with their families in the EEA, main nationalities of the beneficiaries being Afghanistan, Syrian Arabic Republic, Eritrea and Sudan.






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IOM RO Brussels