IOM Support to EU-Relocation January - June 2021

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, relocation in the first half of 2021 represented an important expression of
solidarity, reaching a total of 2,132 relocated beneficiaries from Greece, Italy and Malta to 14 EEA countries.

IOM continued providing support through the implementation of pre-migration health activities, pre-departure orientation sessions, movement management and accommodation (in Greece), adopting a range of measures to minimize the risk of transmission during movements and pre-departure activities. IOM coordinated regional relocation projects, namely, RELITA (Italy), REMA (Malta) and Voluntary Relocation from Greece, supported by the European Commission emergency funding (EMAS), allowing for more harmonized procedures in the EEA.

Other relocation projects were funded by EU Member States.Throughout the programmes, IOM works closely with involved governments and other partners such as UNHCR, UNICEF, and EASO, to facilitate the relocation of beneficiaries.

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