IOM Views on the Roadmap for the EU’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

IOM’s submission to the European Commission’s Consultation on the Road Map for the New Pact on Migration and Asylum outlines our views on the Roadmap and recommendations backing this aim in support of a genuinely balanced and comprehensive policy. As such, we believe that the New Pact should align with and complement existing international frameworks and agreements.

The majority of migrants around the world today travel, live and work in a safe, orderly and regular manner. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced a shock with unprecedented effects on all areas of human life, including migration and human mobility. It has unveiled the larger, more complex reality that migration and mobility represent.

Yet, the Roadmap indicates that the EU’s response to the peak of irregular arrivals to Europe in 2015 remains the focus and priority as arrivals and secondary movements continue, albeit in much lower numbers. Managing these arrivals over the past several years has pressed the EU and Member States to address structural, systemic and even existential challenges.

Year of Publication: 
IOM RO Brussels