IOM's Recommendations for a Permanent Solidarity Mechanism

IOM has long called for an urgent reform of the Dublin system to embed an intra-EU solidarity mechanism to address these gaps in a structural manner. In the meantime, voluntary efforts and ad hoc as well as bilateral relocation schemes have continued or have been completed.

In the interest of finding a sustainable and predictable solution, IOM welcomes the efforts of the European Commission and the European Parliament to incorporate a fairness mechanism to determine the Member State responsible for examining asylum claims as part of the revised Dublin IV regulation.

This will need to be aligned with efforts by EU Member States to:

  • Swiftly provide asylum seekers with status-determination;
  • Ensure integration for those granted international protection;
  • Make available other forms of applicable protection to those not eligible for international protection;
  • As well as swift and right-based return options to those without grounds for legal stay in a Member State, with assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR) as the preferred modality of return.
Year of Publication: 
IOM RO Brussels