Mainstreaming Gender in Pre-departure Orientation Sessions – Guidelines for Practitioners

These Guidelines have been developed to guide users in the implementation of a comprehensive gender-sensitive approach to PDO training. They include good practice examples in gender mainstreaming from existing IOM PDO (and post-arrival) training sessions, which have also inspired the development of recommendations.

Pre-departure activities aim to prepare refugees for the process of resettlement and integration and a new life in their resettlement country. Such activities include managing expectations about that life, as well as building coping and other skills. PDO training is designed to meet the specific needs of resettlement beneficiaries and provide accurate and relevant information and orientation to help them build realistic expectations about reception contexts.

These Guidelines were developed in the framework of the project COMMIT – Facilitating the integration of resettled refugees in Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain, which aims to maximize resettled refugees’ integration outcomes and places particular focus on refugee women and youth. Read more about the COMMIT project.

The document has been presented during a webinar to exchange good practices and lessons learnt drawing from refugees’ integration experiences and interventions in the field. Watch the webinar recording


Year of Publication: 
IOM Italy