Paving the Way for Future Labour Migration

A Belgian-Tunisian Skills Mobility Partnership

This joint IOM-CEPS paper analyses the results of a 22-month skills mobility partnership between Belgium and Tunisia that offered Tunisian graduates a six-month internship in Belgium and job seeking support upon their return to Tunisia.

The IOM skills mobility partnership between Belgium and Tunisia highlights the importance of multidimensional cooperation between different stakeholders from both countries (e.g. immigration office, public employment services, employers' associations) throughout the implementation of the project (e.g. in assessing labour market needs, streamlining procedures, selecting candidates).

Although limited in scope, similar pilot projects can pave the way to fully-fledged skill mobility partnerships by identifying the aspects and dimensions that could be scaled up. The evidence and analysis resulting from this experience provide important insights for the design of the recently proposed Talent Partnerships within the New Pact on Migration and Asylum.

Year of Publication: 
IOM Belgium, CEPS