Refugee and Migrant Children in Europe Accompanied, Unaccompanied and Separated - January-December 2019

Between January and December 2019, some 33,200 children arrived in Greece, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Malta. Of them, some 9,000 (27%) were unaccompanied or separated children (UASC). Also, child arrivals in 2019 in Greece, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria increased by 7% compared to arrivals registered in 2018 (30,085).

Between July and December 2019, IOM interviewed 100 children (aged 14 to 17 years) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and North Macedonia. They represented 3.5 % of all Flow Monitoring Surveys (FMS) collected in Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and North Macedonia and Spain) with migrant adults and children in 2019. Read the results of the survey in the report

The report is relevant to IOM work in protecting children in migration, resettlement, relocation and assisted voluntary return and reintegration

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