Skills Profiling Report – 2019

The report presents and analyses the profile of 1,018 Syrian refugees resettled to Germany, Portugal and the United Kingdom. Data was collected through the Skills Profiling Tool adapted from the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals as part of the LINK IT project.

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From January 2018 to July 2019, IOM deployed the Skills Profiling Tool to assess the skills of Syrian refugees before their departure to the EU Member States where LINK IT was implemented. The process involved the following:

  • Conducting a research and mapping exercise of existing tools and initiatives;
  • Undertaking a needs assessment survey; Developing and testing an initial prototype;
  • Running workshops with IOM staff in departure countries;
  • Designing guidance content in Arabic, including videos and trainings;
  • Deploying the new tool in two phases to allow for adaptation and improvements.

The adapted Skills Profile Tool consists of a concise questionnaire that serves to map refugees’ education history, work experience, personal skills, digital skills, lingual abilities, aspirations and other relevant health or caring considerations. The digital tool generates a Skills Profile in both English and Arabic that is similar to a CV and features information in a coherent and accessible format. The refugees own their Skills Profile and can present it to complement their resettlement and integration process – particularly valuable for their labour market integration.

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