Request for quotation - production of visibility and observer kits

In the framework of the implementation of the European Union Election Observation Mission projects, the IOM's Regional Office in Brussels is looking for a service provider for the production of visibility and observer kits.

To submit the offer, interested companies shall follow the procedure indicated in the request for quotation (RFQ) available here before 20 February 2020. Interested companies can find samples of the material to produce here. Please note that the images are provided just as reference.

A full set of samples must be delivered to IOM offices in Brussels to complete the evaluation before the submission deadline; the samples will be returned to the supplier by post at the end of the bidding process. Offers from companies not delivering samples will be automatically disqualified.

IOM will conduct a bidding process with the offers received and the awarded company will be invited to sign a Long Term Agreement (LTA). The initial duration of the LTA will be of one year with the possibility of an extension for an additional period based on documented vendor/supplier performance. IOM reserves the right to enter into LTAs with more than one vendor and the right to split the award of contracts among different vendors.

Download the request for quotation