Almost 200,000 unaccompanied migrant children sought asylum in Europe since the surge in arrivals of refugees and migrants in 2015.

The Fostering Across Borders project aimed to improve the quality and expand the availability of family-based care for unaccompanied migrant children in six EU Member States: Austria, Belgium, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland and the United Kingdom.
A foster carer training programme was developed and professionals (including foster carers) were trained on and supported to better protect and meet the needs of these children.

FAB project materials produced for each country;


For FAB activities in Austria, please contact Ondine DELAVELLE (, FAB Project Coordinator, or visit the national FAB page.

Videos in German 


For FAB activities in Belgium, please contact Charlotte CRAHAY, IOM Belgium FAB Project Coordinator(


For FAB activities in Greece, please contact Anastasia ARAPIDOU (, FAB Project Coordinator.


For FAB activities in Luxembourg, please contact Rabab AHMAD (, FAB Project Coordinator.


For FAB activities in Poland, please contact Hanna DOBRZYNSKA (, FAB Project Coordinator.

United Kingdom

For FAB activities in the United Kingdom, please contact Francesca MEGNA (, FAB Project Coordinator.