We respond to migrants’ needs and governments’ requirements to provide access to high-quality health services for migrants and undertaking extensive operational research to promote evidence-based migration health policies.
We also provide technical support to national capacity-building activities to back governments in their efforts to better manage migration-related health challenges.

In the region, we support IOM’s country offices to assist governments in addressing migration and mobility-related health challenges by strengthening the national health systems and ensuring equitable access to health services.

All actors in the field of migration and health benefit from our activities: from migrants and host communities to health professionals, law enforcement officers and social workers, among others.

To ensure effective programmes, IOM builds strong affiliations with ministries of health and immigration and other national stakeholders to create:

  • Migrant inclusive health services and models;
  • Leadership for multi-sectoral engagement;
  • Inclusion of migrants and the non-governmental organizations that serve them;
  • Sustainability through funding and education.