Partnerships and Networks

IOM works in partnership with and is guided by multiple stakeholders in international health and migration sectors. At the regional and global levels, we collaborate with relevant UN agencies (WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNHCR, among others) and civil society partners – including migrants’ associations and academia.

At the national level, we engage closely with relevant government ministries, especially ministries of health and immigration, and non-governmental organizations, as well as private sector entities, such as employment agencies.

We advocate and are committed to:

  • Develop migrant inclusive health policies and programmes at national, regional and global level;
  • Assist in the development of policies to promote and protect the health of migrants;
  • Develop and strengthen multi-sectoral partnership and coordination among member states and stakeholders.

We successfully collaborate with regional and EU institutions (especially with the European Commission Directorate General for Health and Food Safety – DG SANTE) to coordinate regional projects. In this respect, we signed cooperation agreements and Memoranda of Understanding with ministries of health, public health institutions, NGOs and other organizations.