Labour-market Integration of Resettled Refugees in the EU: Guidelines for Practitioners

These guidelines aim to provide actors accompanying resettled refugees throughout the resettlement continuum with practical guidance to promote refugees’ labour-market integration. 

The first section of the guidelines provide an overview on the  EU resettlement context and labour-market integration processes for refugees, highlighting key barriers in that regard. The second section presents practical advice for practitioners in guiding and empowering refugees to access the labour market. It addresses language learning, skills recognition, job application and interview process as well as personal and development care needs of refugees. 

The guidelines were developed by IOM and the Adecco foundation under the project COMMIT - Facilitating the integration of resettled refugees in Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Funded by the European Union, COMMIT seeks to foster the sustainable integration of resettled refugees in their new communities, with a specific focus on women and youth.

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