Paths to Inclusion: Training for Community Mentors - Communication, Intercultural and Social Skills

This training curriculum aims to build the capacity of community mentors in supporting resettled refugees in their integration process. The training handbook includes a mentor self-evaluation tool and a series of training modules. The mentor self-evaluation tool is designed to help mentors reflect on their role as a source of encouragement and support to mentees in navigating daily life in their country of resettlement. The training modules first introduce the role of mentors and their responsibilities vis-à-vis their mentees. A second part of the handbook aims to improve mentors' communications skills and intercultural competencies; by providing theory, strategies and guidance for mentors to strengthen their skills and knowledge in those areas.

The handbook has been developed under the project COMMIT - Facilitating the integration of resettled refugees in Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Funded by the European Union, COMMIT seeks to foster the sustainable integration of resettled refugees in their new communities, with a specific focus on vulnerable groups. The project aims to enhance the support received by resettlement beneficiaries at different stages of the process – prior to departure, during transit and on arrival – including through the engagement of community mentors.

Year of Publication: 
IOM Coordination Office for the Mediterranean