Cover of the publication Training Refugee Youth: Trainers' Handbook for Pre-departure Orientation

Training Refugee Youth: Pre‑departure Orientation – Youth

The Training Refugee Youth Handbook aims at supporting the delivery of pre‑departure orientation sessions for young refugees being resettled.

The Handbook addresses themes ranging from building friendships in school, bullying and classroom etiquette to freedom of religion and expression, culture and money management skills. Based on a learner centric, participatory and interactive methodology, the Handbook promotes the creation of a positive learning space where young refugees do not only feel comfortable but also are empowered to share their opinions, thoughts and feelings.

The Handbook was developed in the framework of the project COMMIT – Facilitating the integration of resettled refugees in Croatia, Italy, Portugal and Spain, which aims to maximize resettled refugees’ integration outcomes and places particular focus on refugee women and youth. Read more about the COMMIT project.

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IOM Italy