The EQUI-HEALTH project (2013-2016) improved public health and increased the wellbeing of all by helping to provide appropriate healthcare to migrants, the Roma and other vulnerable groups entering and residing in the EU, including irregular migrants.

EQUI-HEALTH included a significant research component on migrant health, occupational health of border officials and public health, including screening practices and migrant health data collection.
For the purpose of the research, we developed a detailed research methodology to include desk review, key informant interviews, stakeholder consultations, field visits and participant observations in six EU Member States (Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Malta, Italy and Spain).

Co-financed by the European Commission, the project saw the participation and partnership with a wide variety of public health and migration authorities, the academia, international organizations and EU institutions.

The project is built around three components and resulted in the final conference.

Southern EU borders

Roma Health

Migranth Health

Final Conference