Our team is comprised of over 70 staff members from all over the world supporting our 28 Country Offices in the region. Our team also carries out global functions by virtue of its liaison and resource mobilization role with the EU.

Below is our Regional Director and the colleagues responsible for the Regional Office’s areas of programme and policy work.

Regional Director

Ola Henrikson

Head of Policy and Programme Support Division

Elisa Tsakiri

Email: etsakiri@iom.int

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Communications and Media

Regional Media and Communications Officer and Spokesperson - Ryan Schroeder

Email: rschroeder@iom.int | Phone: +32 (0)2 287 71 16

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Migrant Protection and Assistance

Senior Regional Migrant Protection and Assistance Specialist - Agueda Marin

Email: amarin@iom.int

Senior Regional Migrant Protection and Assistance Specialist - Daniel Redondo

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Transition and Recovery, Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

Senior Emergency and Post-Crisis Specialist - Nina Stuurman

            Email: nstuurman@iom.int | robrusselsepcunit@iom.int

Head of the Elections Support Unit - Giovanna Solari

            Email: gsolari@iom.int

Resettlement, Complementary Pathways and Relocation

Regional Resettlement Specialist - Maria Voica

Email: mvoica@iom.int

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Immigration and Border Management

Regional Immigration and Border Management Specialist - Baptiste Amieux

          Email: bamieux@iom.int

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EURCAP Facility Senior Project Manager - Placido (Dino) Silipigni

Email: psilipigni@iom.int

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Migrant Inclusion and Sustainable Development

Senior Regional Labour Mobility and Human Development Specialist - Paola Alvarez 

Email: palvarez@iom.int | robrusselslmi@iom.int

Migration Health

Senior Regional Migration Health Advisor - Dr. Maria Cristina Profili

Email: mprofili@iom.int | mrfbrusselsmigrationhealthunit@iom.int

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IOM-EU cooperation around the world

Regional Programme Development Officer Aspasia Papadopoulou

Email: aspapadopoul@iom.int